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Art of Equality

Our project aims to bring together 30 young artists from different European countries, in order to enable them to gain more cognition about human rights and democracy, as well as to attain practical skills in campaigning and social activism through different fields of art.

The project is based on non-formal education within the practice of visual arts: educating on the subject of human rights through the creative and artistic expression with the purpose to develop critical consciousness.
The programme gives space to learn about the topics of graffiti and street art, to enhance knowledge about social activism and human rights. The youth exchange will facilitate taking real action to stand up for human rights: creating and executing murals and street art together.

Through this project, the artists will be able to create a new space for local young people, where deep reflections on the challenges affecting the youth of today will be discussed.

The first edition took place in Brussels, Allee du Kaai, during October 2019. 
Artists: Aliona Ciobanu, And what if, Anna Shabaltii, Dato Tchanturidze, Eva Mocanu, forn Studio, Guerrilla Spam, ilamuna, Izzy Ivne, Julia Sun, Kelber, Lacraie, Laura Tarlapan, Linka Courcelle, Luca Ledda, Magiò, Merabo Lomadze, Nasperatus, Nita Gogritchiani, Ramin Mazur, Rrrini, Saint Anna, Simona Tabuncic.


Photographer - Ramin Mazur

Place - Allee du kaai

In the frame of Erasmus+ and i-Portunus

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