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Firenze Jazz Festival 2020

I realized the Image of the Firenze Jazz Festival 2020

“Four women, four negro women. Each one with a different colour, each one with a different grade of hair - and one of the women’s hair is like mine.
Each one with a different back ground.
Four women.”

-Four Women, Nina Simone

Jazz music is deeply rooted in the African Americans’ slavery and pain. This pain is still there today and it cannot be ignored.

Saying the word “Jazz” I hear a voice that cannot be silenced. A voice that whispers, trembles and screams for Justice.

I tried to use my young hands and my fragile rib cage as an amplifier to show you four women, four black women. Their stories are woven together with struggle and jazz.

Listen to their music, listen to their scream that tightens your guts.

Listen to Miss Fitzgerald.

Listen to Miss Vaughan.

Listen to Miss Simone.

Listen to Miss Holiday.

Listen to Black Women.

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