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w/ Laboratorio Zanzara

Biancaneve Polaroi

"Retro snapshots, images reflected in the mirror of desires that become the most intimate and overwhelming nuances of the human soul.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is dressed in digital and vintage costumes offering a key to interpretation that blends art, music and photography."

Watch the video here.

I took part in Biancaneve Polaroi as an educator and performer.

The project was designed for and with people with mental health issues.

With the objective of carrying out art activities, the project focused on the development of a theater performance based on the individual, their skills, attitudes and feelings. 

The daily collaboration between different professionals (educators, performers and professionals in visual communication, design and art) allows the many expressive and creative possibilities to be collected with the aim of proposing a new language capable of breaking down cultural barriers.

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