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Personal Project

Data for Menstrual Health

Our project aims at creating awareness through a data-based infographic on the menstrual topic.

People with periods experience more health, social and economic discomfort than people without.

The lack of proper education and social discussion leads to a strong menstrual stigmatisation.

In the process of creating our infographic we struggled in retrieving basic data about menstrual management habits. This is the reason why we decided to design and launch our survey: Call for Data on Menstrual period. Our objective is to collect data that would allow us to produce a more complete and accurate output in terms of information, as well as promoting the importance of the topic by spreading the survey. 

Do you want to help us fight the Period Stigma?
Submit our survey

Created with Francesca Milano, a data scientist, passionate about creating awareness on human rights through data-based visual information.

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